Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Family Adventures: January - The Aquarium

I'm a resolution maker. I like dreaming about the year and what I hope to accomplish, so this year was no different. 
Although typically I set personal goals for myself or for my businesses or career, this year we wanted to make a resolution we could keep as a family.

This year we have pledged to each other to go on one new family adventure a month.

In January we went to Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What an amazing place!

Big fish, little girl.

Not all of our family adventures will be to museums or vacations. I am hoping to even explore some new parks in the area or to try new foods together. It's exciting to think about the potential FUN and LEARNING that we will all experience together.

For Christmas Jacob (husband) got me a mini tripod with blue tooth remote that holds my iPhone. Family selfies galore!

More than anything, we wanted to make sure to plan for times to just be together. Our schedules can get so crazy. I am number one guilty for doing that to us (I love to be busy). Part of this resolution was also for me to plan 'margin' time for us. Like literally scheduling weekends where we are NOT allowed to schedule anything. That way we can either be home relaxing together or it allows for some spontaneity.

Each month I will do my best to share with you here some of our little adventures.


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