Friday, February 27, 2015

Around these parts - home edition

I've been trying to plan out my blog posts, but some times there are just too many things going on and something has to give. I'm desperately trying to wrap up some editing from senior photo sessions that happened last summer. I'll share some highlights of all that soon too.

So please accept my lame attempt at blogging this week. Just 2 posts instead of 3 :)

I have tons of new ideas and projects I'm working on and then I will blog about that stuff, but for now this is just a little filler.

Since the sun has been staying out a little longer, I have been able to take some pictures with a little day light left when I get home from work.

I just started snapping some pics around the house, so thought I might share how we incorporate art and home made projects in our home.

This little corner is one of my favorites. But now as I'm looking at these, its seems a little bare. I've seen the really simple idea of just hanging art and photos with cute washi tape. No frames or nuthin. Perhaps I'll add some more family photos or instagram pics in as filler.

These scribbles were some of Ada's very first. I think the color, the line stroke and the fact that there were 2 very distinct, yet similar drawings makes them so sophisticated and yet there's just a simple playfulness about them. I will cherish these for a long time.

My mom and I made pillow covers last year some time. It was an EASY and affordable way to add some more color to the house. I have been on a major hot pink kick for at least a year. Love that stripey pink chevron.

The canvas was one I had lyin' around for awhile. I didn't know what do with it, so I let Ada have it. I set up a little paint spot for her in the yard last summer and let her go to town. It was the first time I let her just 'go crazy messy' with paint. I was surprised by how 'intentional' in turned out, for as messy as it could have been. I did help her with some of those black accents. We used different brushes and plastic utensils. All the rest is her!

I am so looking forward to getting outside to do more stuff like this with her. Spring come soon!

Oh! The glorious color! Yes?!

This is a sign I made out of old barn wood and wood letters from hobby lobby for a friend's wedding a few years ago. They had one of those cute dessert buffets and they hung this above it.

I decided to hang it above my TV.

Those letters have fallen off more times than my husband has cared to glue back on.

The mantel looks a little bare. I didn't put a lot of stuff back up after the Christmas decorations went down. I needed some time to decompress from cluttery decor.

This is where I think I might add some photos hung with the washi tape. And definitely some fresh flowers or plants.

That pineapple print was supposed to go to a new nail art studio for their gallery wall. I loved it so much and decided not to part with it. (You know how much I love PINEAPPLES!) 

That will be one I eventually get up in the Etsy shop as a print to sell.

I didn't make the 'happiness is homemade' print, but the Ohio painting I did. I need to make more of those too for some friends. We love our great state up here in Buckeye Land!


  1. Cute, cute, cute-all of it! I especially love your daughter's canvas and the pineapple painting! Both so whimsical and colorful…your home is just lovely!

    1. Thanks Sara - I feel as if its a continual project!


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