Friday, February 20, 2015

DIY Super Sized Pop Up Card

Hey peeps. I know VDAY was last week, but I HAVE to share this super cute, extra large, pop up card Ada and I made Jacob for Valentine's Day.

I just love pop up cards. I remember making them as a kid.

For the amount of effort this project took, the impact was well worth it.  The steps are super simple and you can find the directions over on Jen Loves Kev blog.

I did use a smaller sized poster board and photo than Jen uses, but it turned out just as great.

This project is definitely suitable for any other holiday, birthday or card-giving event. Its better than any store bought card you could find and could be considered a gift in itself. The cost of the items needed to make this card is probably the same as purchasing a store bought one any way! Geesh are they are expensive!

Try it out for yourself!


  1. Oh my word, this is adorable!! I'm going to have to figure out how to do this with both my girls' pictures. :)

    1. I got the idea off of Jen Loves Kev blog and she has 2 girls that she did it with, check out how she did hers! It is a fabulous project. It's like a card and a gift in one!


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