Monday, February 16, 2015

Finding a Rhythm

This year feels like its going to be one full of new experiences. I have been in a major 'exploratory' phase recently. Let me tell you - I've been loving it. I really do enjoy a new challenge. Its been everything from testing out new art supplies and techniques, to finding the best place in the house to have a messy art session, to applying for art teacher jobs (more on that to come!).

So all this newness has got me thinking. How does one find a rhythm? Particularly when it comes to finding the time for hobbies or for doing things you love.

To me its less about finding the time... there's never enough of that. 

I've had to learn how to work in small chunks of time. I usually bounce back and forth between making dinner, playing with Ada, taking pictures around the house, editing pictures for clients or the blog, doodling in my sketchbook and 100 other things in between.

I'm starting to like this rhythm. It used to drive me crazy not to have a set time to focus on one task.

Jacob let me leave art supplies out on our kitchen table for a whole week. Its our only place to eat, so you can see why that would be a problem. But having all those artsy materials right at our finger tips made it that much easier to find time to play.

When Ada and I set out to have a full on creation session I love to light a candle, turn on some tunes and get a cup of coffee. I think its kind of like the Pavlov's dog theory. Those three things help me get in the zone.

We're crushing on the Milky Chance album right now. 
(Please excuse my busted phone)

I'm taking an online abstract class. Occasionally I find time to check in with that.

I've also been 'trying' to get up a little earlier. I love the solitude of morning. Just me and God.

So what helps get you in the rhythm? A place? A song? A time of day?


  1. Ok, so I know I'm starting to look weird leaving comments on every post…but, your blog sure has blessed me this morning. I'm at home alone which is rare and doing some journaling about the very things you are posting about! Like learning to work in tiny chunks of time…I admit it's still very, very hard for me but I'm trying to learn to relax about having a lot of little projects going at once. I am a former elementary teacher and dream of having an art job someday, although that would require going back to school so we'll see. I also dream of teaching preschool, which is very different! We'll see where I land. I pray you land in just the perfect job for you. You are obviously so creative and talented and passionate. How lucky your students would be to have you.

    I also like that you post videos. I've wanted to do this on my blog but admittedly, don't know how. I'll add it to my list of things to challenge myself with. :) Thank-you for being you and posting….you have made me feel like I have a friend this morning. :)

  2. PLEASE - keep being weird and stalky! lol Its nice to have a follower! :) I am still not in love with doing things a tiny bit at a time. I would like nothing more than to have an entire day to myself to work on projects and blog and take pics and videos, but that's just not reality any more. I just sort of had this epiphany about it all. I'm trying to just embrace it now.

    I think you should keep doing what you're doing. I have found so much blessing and peace in your blog too friend! :)

    PS - the videos are easy! Get the hyperlapse app and try it out!


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