Monday, February 9, 2015

Free Printable! Hand Painted Valentine Card

I am really a fan of Valentine’s Day. 

This is a holiday I just started getting into within the last few years. For some reason I get the urge to shower my friends and family with little handmade surprises.

So! I've created a little valentine freebie in case you want to join in the love fest with me!

This is copy of a hand painted card that I've scanned, uploaded and resized for you to print copies of.

Its watercolor and ink and approximately 5x7 inches.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own VDay cards:

Color printer
White Card stock paper (or regular printer paper)
Scissors or paper cutter
Stamps/ink, stickers, markers, pens etc – anything to add notes or embellishments to the back

First print out the PDF with the card on it. You could print one or a few to give to friends.

Next, cut out the card on the dotted lines, using scissors or a paper cutter. I did both, either is fine.

This next step is the fun part. Personalizing it! On the back you can write a note, add stickers, or use ink pads and stamps to decorate. We used stamps. Ada is real into stamps right now. 

I mean real. into.

How friggin cute is that little finger?!

I purchased a post card stamp last year. I love it. While the size of this card is too big by USPS mail standards to be sent as a true post card in the mail, its still a cute touch I think.

Happy Valentine's week!
Hug some one you love!


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