Monday, March 9, 2015

Our weekend and sketchbook updates

This past weekend was a lazy one. Ada came down with the stomach flu. BOO! And it knocked her out on the couch for 2 days. We rescheduled our monthly family outing. We were planning on going to an indoor water park! BOO! But laid low instead. We cuddled, watched way too much TV and movies and washed our hands A LOT.

Sunday we were all feeling much better and we got around to getting out some art supplies. Not too many days go by without us making art in some form.

I have really been inspired by the idea of making patterns lately. I've had a couple of projects come across my 'doorstep' that have required me to think about making my own prints and patterns. It's a fun challenge that gets me to think a little more strategically about painting and mixed media techniques.

Color is a huge source of inspiration for me. Coming up with new color combos is one of my favorite things to work through in my sketch book.

I am slowly rebuilding my supply of nicer acrylic paints. Here are few new colors I picked up last week at the Hobby Lobby.

I love neon pink right now. I have acquired quite a few articles of clothing in that same hot pink and they seem to work their way into my wardrobe A LOT lately.

These are a few of Ada's current art supplies of choice. The girl is all about purple and sparkly things right now. Where does that come from any way? The movies?

I have been encouraging Ada to try making shapes and more focused drawings and paintings lately. I love her paint scribbles, but I like showing her new possibilities too. She's learning her shapes really well right now and is quite good at drawing faces (like the circle, two dots and a line kinda smiley face) and bananas!

I'm not sure which of these I'm supposed to drink and which I'm supposed to rinse brushes in...

Here's some more patterns I've been working on.

I really love the contrast black lines add to a design, but I like the softness without them too.

STRAWBERRIES! Sweet strawberries. So looking forward to home grown ones out of my in-laws garden this summer!

A twist on the traditional polka-dot.

Playing around with color combinations.

Mixing iPhone images with mixed media and painting. This is becoming a fast fav technique of mine too. I like mixing photography and digital elements in with my painting.

I hope you have a marvelous week. The weather is getting warmer here this week. Can't wait to get out and play.



  1. I just love your pattern creations! Especially the new twist on the polkadot. bravo on your color combinations, they are amazing!


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