Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring's life lessons


I get long winded when I talk about life. Don't you?

Spring is like the hottest topic right now. I mean rightly so - winter was brutal!

I love the seasons. There is so much to learn about life, about God and about ourselves through nature. I think it is one of the biggest ways that God speaks to us.

While we were out on our first family walk of the season I started noticing some things about spring.

Spring is kinda ugly when it first starts!

(yes, my kid is wearing a helmet on our walk... whatever, don't argue with a toddler)

The trees are bare, the grass is brown, old dead sticks, leaves and other debris are left behind. What was hidden for months under frost and snow is now exposed.

These early days of spring bring hope, warmth and newness - but they sure ain't pretty.

It got me thinking about how the transition from winter to spring speaks a great analogy about phases of our lives.

For me right now I see 2 direct parallels to my own life.

The first is my own physical wellness. Man have I been a BUM for the last 6 months! My body is definitely feeling like these early stages of spring.

I'm not talking about being skinny or bikini ready, but about strength, endurance, energy and maybe a little about my sun deprived skin.

Being outside with my toddler requires running, jumping, spinning, bending, scooping, picking and so many more movements that I have just not exposed my body to enough in the last few months!

Spring is exposing what I have neglected and it leaves me feeling vulnerable about it!
Let me tell you the hips don't lie! Ha! This momma needs to get movin!

I am also hopeful and excited about some new things that have been changing and happening around in my life, but they are also scary. Like co-workers leaving for new job opportunities, applying for teaching jobs and discovering who I am as an artist, what I'm truly passionate about, working around the house to spruce up and diy some things and maybe growing our family this year.

That is a lot of stuff peeps!

I am trying to keep positive about the changes at work and trying to enjoy the process of the personal ones. It seems like all winter these things have been in hibernation. Not necessarily like they just came up out of no where, but they were in the works, slowly making progress and are now starting to push their way up through the ugly brown grass.

I know in a few months these things will start to show their beauty and their blessings, just like the spring will.

In fact, here's a little glimpse of what I'm sure is more to come of warmer months.

I took this with my iPhone off our back deck. No filters, no editing. Perfect just as it is. God's blessings are everywhere. Even in the brown bareness of early spring.

So much squishy love and joy to you my friends. We need more of it out there - don't you think?!


  1. I loved so many things about this post..the honesty, the bravery, the sweetness of the promise of spring. I also showed my husband the first picture and said "See, this makes me feel ok and normal" because I took a pic of the exact same thing last weekend! :) You are inspirational to me…working and still creating time for your art. I'm still praying you get a fantastic teaching job!


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