Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why we celebrate Easter and an easy kid-project to go with it!

Easter is a time when we celebrate Jesus's act of sacrifice and His victory over death on the cross, by rising from the dead. It is through this act that we are saved... any one that believes this in their heart can know Him and know salvation (can I get an AMEN?!)

SO - this year, now that Ada is a little older and definitely able to understand things a little more, I felt really strongly that I needed a way to help her start learning the true meaning of Easter. 

I of course started looking at Pinterest... do you know what I found? Eggs, bunnies, carrots and grass.

That would not suffice for my purposes, so we made up our own project! I just love when that happens!

With it being spring and all, we've been outside more and we found so many sticks and twigs from our weeping cherry tree. They were the perfect base for our painted twig cross project!

I found some that were about a foot or so long and thick enough that they stand up sturdy. I found 6 sticks - 2 for each cross, so I ended up with 3 total.

We used Ada's tempera paints. I mean these are sticks after all - so I didn't want to use any fancy acrylics.

We painted all sides of the sticks and let them dry. Ada really enjoyed painting on something besides paper. It was easy and I didn't have to supervise her much.

When the paint was dry. I broke off the ends (like just snapped them with my hands) of 3 of the sticks, so they would be shorter. These were the ones I used as the cross bar.

I let Ada pick out 3 colors of embroidery floss to tie the sticks together. She picked purple, pink and blue... shocking I know! ha! :)

I helped Ada get the string tied on to the sticks. I just double knotted it over the 2 sticks - like an X.

Then I let her wrap the string around and around - again making an X where the sticks intersect. We actually used quite a bit of string. I was also thinking you could use ribbon, or wrapping paper ribbon. Whatever you have on hand is fine - this is such a cheap project!

Once we had them all tied together, I got out some air-dry-clay I've had sitting around. This stuff is nice because you don't have to bake it or anything. 

We rolled the clay into slightly smaller than golf ball size.

Ada made clay snakes....

I pushed the crossed down into the balls of clay.

I pinched it up around the stick and made it flat on the bottom so it would stand up on its own.

I just left the crosses in the clay to sit on the table and dry. It probably took 24 - 48 for it to fully dry.

Here's the finished product! I had thought we might paint the clay bottoms, or glue fabric or paper flowers or moss to it for an extra springy look. Still might do that.

I also thought it would be cute to wrap washi tape or more string around the ends of the crossbar. I kinda like how simple they are though.

They stand to help us remember Jesus's sacrifice.
Explaining that concept to Ada is hard, but I did hear her explain to her grandparents that they had something to do with Jesus and how much He loves us.

I like that. A lot.

And here's some fresh bright springy flowers for you too.


  1. Precious, precious post. I love your idea! I need to do that with my girls :)


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