Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cheap, easy table decorations

By default (having the only working grill in our family) we hosted Easter lunch on Sunday. We wanted to keep the menu light, easy and yummy, so we decided we'd grill out.

Since we were hosting that meant I'd have to find a place for all 8 of my family members to eat. We do not have a large house (1100 sqft to be exact) and no formal dining room.

I decided that putting a long ugly folding table smack in the middle of my living room would do.

And it did!

The chairs are all old and mismatched, but I almost like it.

The absolute best, easiest and cheapest solution for a quick table cloth is paper.

I used a roll of kraft paper. You can buy this stuff at most stores in their mailing or crafting sections.

I'm pretty sure I found mine at Target. Colorful wrapping paper would be great as well! 

These options are a lot cheaper than buying fabric table cloths. And the clean up is easier too.

We grew these purple tulips on our mantel in a bucket and they bloomed just in time to grace my Easter table!

On the Kraft paper I used floral stamps with black ink to add some pattern.

EASY-PEASY. The kids can help with this too. They'll love it.

 I already had those polka dot napkins left over from another party and the plates I purchased for .97 cents at Walmart. It was a happy accident that they matched!

I used washi tape to make a name sticker for each place setting.

And of course flowers or some greenery is a must in my opinion.

I picked up a small bouquet of more tulips with those blue plates at... yep - Walmart.

I added the blue bandanna in the middle as a focal point with the purple tulips, but I could have done with out it too.

You guys, I'm not kidding this literally was such a last minute ditch effort to make a springy dinner table. I did not elaborately plan this by any means.

I think the secret is just having some things on hand that you can leverage. Like the Kraft paper (it has LOTS of uses), washi tape and keeping left over party napkins.

I am actually planning to keep the kraft paper as a table cover for when Ada and I 'make art' as she calls it.

The spread.

My girl - looking so grown up.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Well your Easter table turned out beautifully! Well done!


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