Saturday, April 4, 2015

EBC Photo Session - BABIES!

Thought I would share some recent photo shoots I've done. It's been all about that - BABY lately!

My dear friend Crystal's first son turned 1 in February and her second son came just a few weeks after that!

I think mommy and daddy refer to this as 'squishy' face. I love it!

And here's his new baby brother!

Saw this one below on Pinterest and had to try and recreate it. Do you get ideas from there?

It gives me ideas to start with and clients too. I think it helps everyone get on the same page in terms what a client wants and what I can deliver.

I ADORE this one.

And my friend Jody and her husband David welcomed her first son in March!

I was nervous about some of these. This kind of baby posing is not easy! But they turned out great!

Gotta get the tiny little baby parts!

GAH! Those rolls!

Congrats friends. I just love spending time meeting your little love nuggets!

And I just had to add one of Jody's maternity session too!


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