Monday, May 18, 2015

Fairy Gardens and Hand Painted Up-cycled Pots

For Ada's birthday she received the cutest Fairy Garden Kit. Do a quick search on Pinterest or Etsy and you'll find oodles of adorable miniature gardens intended to attract fairies. The kits include anything from small shells, sticks, tiny sparkly objects, moss, rocks, mini houses, flower pots and on and on.

This project actually came out of making the fairy garden itself. I have an old charcoal grill (see below) that I painted years ago and use as a flower planter. This year I thought it would be the perfect thing to let Ada play around in and put her fairy garden in. 

I bought flowers and little succulents to make a mini garden inside the grill. The flower pots that the succulents came in were just TOO cute to toss. And that's when the idea struck me to paint them and reuse them in the fairy garden. 

So, we set off to get our supplies, clean up the pots and get started.

We used acrylic paints. I added detail to the floral designs with a sharpie pen.

This was another SUPER easy and kid friendly project. Ada loves the chance to paint, especially on non-traditional items. Basically anything other than a piece of paper.

They are SO cute!

Here we are getting the garden started. I filled the grill with potting soil and created a separate garden in an old metal container we used to put in our bathroom. I just poked holes in the bottom so the water could drain out. We planted succulents in that pot.

We laid sticks and moss down in and around the flowers on top of the dirt.

Creeping petunias and inpatients - in Ada's favorite colors... 

You could use the pots to plant more fowers or to hold tiny treasures for the fairies.

Ada's fairy garden kit was filled with all kinds of little mini trinkets, all in some shade of blue.

The garden is supposed to welcome fairies to live and visit and to provide them with trinkets to make their own contraptions. Watch a Tinker Bell movie if this makes no sense to you.

Just love those little succulents.

It's been fun to collect found objects at parks, around the house or at Hobby Lobby to add to the garden. I like challenging Ada to think creatively about what would be fun to add.

Plopped the garden right under our Weeping Cherry tree.


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