Thursday, July 23, 2015

Exciting News!

2015 is turning out to be the year of transformation. Not just for me personally, but it seems everyone around me is also experiencing some kind of great change as well. Maybe that's just life though and for whatever reason, I'm more in tune with it.

I have exciting news to share though!

If you have been a follower here or know me personally at all, you know that I have been in a long unsettled period with my job.

It is something I have wrestled with a lot since I graduated college. I celebrated my 10 year graduation from Bluffton University this year and it felt very sentimental and monumental at the same time.

 (that's me on the top of the sign - far right!)

I shed a lot of tears, prayed a lot of prayers, asked for a lot of advice, read a lot of self help and career books. Dreamed a million dreams and people, it's FINALLY happened.

You are looking at the new K - 6th Grade Art Teacher at Grove City Christian School!

An Art Teacher! FINALLY!

And I give all the credit to God. He has continued to put a passion and dream in my heart for this career. When I thought I had done all that I could to get myself  a teaching role, with no success, I threw in the towel. I was ready to move on from this dream. It wasn't meant to be.

And you know the minute I gave up the fight, was when God plopped in my lap the opportunity to become a teacher.

I interviewed with Grove City Christian 4 years ago for an art teacher role. I didn't get the job then, but they had kept my resume on file. And what do you know - THEY contacted ME with another open position! It wasn't even on my radar that they were hiring!

God is so good!

I am looking forward to so many new friendships, memories and stories. I'll be sharing some inside peeks of my classroom and projects I'll be doing this year in the coming weeks!

Celebrate with me!?! :)

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