Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter Messy Art Sessions

The holidays are over and we are back in the normal swing of things. Winter is here too and that means lots of days stuck inside. It's kind of ok by me though, because that means more time for messy art sessions.

A good messy art session is something both and Ada I enjoy. I know the day will come when these moments will be few and far between. I sometimes find myself wishing we were past the 'three-nager' stage of life. Though it's difficult, there are so many sweet and FUNNY times we have together. I want to cherish these times and memories.

Saturday morning we had no where to go, so we schlepped all the paints, cups and brushes up from the basement (that's where I store all our art supplies) to the kitchen table.

Ada got that cute table easel for Christmas. It is the perfect size.

These are the FUNNY moments right here...

Ada uses crayola tempera paints. I let her pick 5 colors at a time. Cheap brushes are easy to find and are just right for Ada at this stage of life. I like to let her experiment with different sizes and shapes of brushes.

I keep old large messy pieces of paper from past art sessions to lay down on the table. They get more and more beautiful with each accidental stroke and drip of paint.

I've been sprucing up the house since all the Christmas decor is down. I prefer to make decorations because they are cheaper and unique.

These pennants will be strung together with yarn to make a banner to put on the fireplace. 

I'll share more of that project soon!

I love painting this floral pattern. I've done it in so many different color combinations. I actually use my fingers to paint the flowers.

Happy New Year by the way! I hope you've been inspired to make something today!


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