Saturday, February 20, 2016

Your votes needed! Minted & Pottery Barn Art Challenge

Hello! So glad you could visit today! Do you have minute to cozy up and let me share something with you?

You're still here, so I guess that's a yes :)

As an artist and general creative person, I love sharing ideas, inspiration and DIY's. I've always got more than one project going and hundreds of ideas floating around my brain. There's one idea though that has been on my bucket list for a long time.

Submitting art work to Minted.

If you're not familiar with Minted. It's a website that sells independent artists' works through cards, invitations, fabrics, art prints and more. Designers and artists submit their works and the public votes for their favorites. Those favorites get sold on Minted's website!

So are you catching on to what I need your help with?

Your votes count and matter! Guys, its so scary putting yourself out there like this. I have no idea if I will get anything 'in', but I couldn't let one more opportunity pass me by!

(Vote for Fly Free Spirit)

Sharing my art takes vulnerability and I really suck at that. Like a lot.

(Vote for Geometry in Pink)

I've always thought I didn't have enough work to enter or good enough ideas, but once I started pulling pieces up from the basement studio and cracking open my art journal, I found I had lots to share!

Some of these pieces have been buried in stacks for months.

(Vote fot LeoKat)

I love making. Sharing is hard.

(Vote for You Shine Brighter)

This facebook post from Lysa TerKuerst was up on Saturday when I was submitting these. I think it was just the confirmation I needed to finally do this!

"Be courageous this weekend. 
Create something. Paint something. 
Write or sing or dance or bring out the best in someone one else.
When you create, you look at lot like your Father the Master Creator.
God delights in you as you bring delight to others with the gifts He has entrusted to you.
Don't let the enemy steal another day of your potential. 
The world needs your exact brand of beautiful."
I could NOT agree more!
If you'd like to contribute to the voting you can use the vote links that are underneath each piece of art above. Or go here to vote for them all!
Thanks lovies. Your support and encouraging words keep a creative gal going.


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