Friday, April 1, 2016

Goodbye March

Whoa. Seriously - where did March go?!

It was an absolutely insane month for me with preparing for my school art show, Easter and spring break. I love writing here, but it can be oh so time consuming with everything else going on!

I was fully hoping to have a post on the Art Show, but the day was far more crazy than I was anticipating. Capturing the day in photos became last on the list of to-do's that day. But maybe you followed along with me on Snapchat!?

I've spent a lot of my spring break this past week just 'making' and catching up on a list of fun house projects, mixed with coffee dates and meaningful conversations with friends. AND the weather! Spring is here and that means SUMMER is not far off :)

Here are a few snippets of life in March! Looking back, it was a beautiful flurry of activities.

You can find me compensating for my lack of posts here and over sharing on Instagram and Snapchat.

Do ya'll snapchat?! It is awesome. I'm totally in love with the quirky app.

I'm 'emilybphoto' if you wanna swing by!


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