Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life and Art Update!

Sweet summer time is here and for me that means my FIRST summer break! To be honest I was (and still am) a little uncomfortable with all this free time! It's also the first time that Ada and I have been home together for an extended period of time - no childcare - since my maternity leave, 4 years ago!

Hey all you stay at home moms, I get you now. Like, I completely. get. you. Kudos.

Any way, thought I'd just update you on what we've been up to and how I have been creatively restoring myself. I loved every minute of my first year of teaching, but it left my creativity zapped!!!

For starters I have been sort of keeping up with a Summer Drawing Challenge I kicked off with my students just before we all split for break. There is more info over on my school art blog if you are interested in participating or having your kids give it a whirl!

Also, on a small side note, I was gifted this art tote by a family from school who has 3 daughters that I had in art class this last year. It is the greatest thing for toting all  my art supplies around! Such a life saver since we are constantly creating in practically every room of our house.

Keeping this one busy, besides use of the TV or iPad is always a challenge. I have tried to come up with a little bit of a schedule so we have things to do and look forward to each week.

Of course creating plays a part in what we do on the daily, but there are days when we have just GOT to get out of the house! We have been frequenting the local library and just gobbling up all sorts of inspiration and learning from books.

Each week, we come home with a new stack. I think the books have been playing a huge role in helping me gain my creative energy back.

We've been getting art books, short children's chapter books about fairies, gardening books, books with great illustrations and of course books about Anna and Elsa and Sophia too....

A big source of inspiration for me is pretty and inviting spaces. I love the ideas in this Great Gardens for Kids book. We will definitely be putting some of these ideas to use in the backyard this summer.

There are both large and small projects. Everything from building play areas to making small herb gardens.

Even reading some of Ada's children's books has brought me so much inspiration. The Wonder Garden is about different animal habitats. The cover alone is magical.

I really love the illustrations.

Teaching art this last year has really opened up my thought process on making art. I think I was so inspired by all the topics and techniques I was teaching and the art that the kids were making, that I got a bit lost in it all.

Gloriously lost.

Now that I have a bit more free time to work on creating my own art, I am feeling lost as to what my artistic style is. I know art that I like when I see it, but for some reason, I'm struggling to make my own art that I love.

I have been experimenting with new and different art supplies and just giving myself time and grace to create. I've been visiting old art journals looking for threads of a theme or concepts that can reignite my own artistic style.

I can sense that I am slowly coming out of the creative funk I've been in, but I don't want to rush it. I want it to come naturally and freeing when it does. 

We are traveling to Arizona soon and I am looking forward to a new environment and to gaining further inspiration from the desert. Sort of obsessed with cactuses lately. More to come on that!

I'm now off to clean all the creative messes we've been leaving. They are seriously everywhere! The house is so much more 'lived in' when we are home all day! I'm learning a whole new life balance these days and it feels awkward and some times like I'm not doing enough to keep up.

Summer you are sweet and so fleeting, praying that we make the most of our days together!

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