Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sweet, Creative, Summer and tips for Creative Block

Well, I am nearing the final weeks of my FIRST summer off (from teaching that is).

Not off from much else! Life goes on ya know!

It has been completely refreshing and when I reflect back to when it started I see just how much I've accomplished.

When the school year wrapped, I was feeling creatively zapped. Those cute little school kids just took every ounce I had! It was a great school year and love being able to share my creativity with students and colleagues.

I was aching to create, but nothing would come, nothing 'good' anyway. I felt lost and confused about who I was as an artist, but continued to paint and create despite of it.

It wasn't too far into my summer that we took a family vacation to visit family in Arizona and DUDE did that get my creative engines revving again.

I am absolutely in love with the culture, art and landscape there. Perhaps it was just a change of scenery or maybe its just something magical about cactuses.

Either way, I had a deep desire to create boldly and to just let the art out!

Not only did the art come out, but I've been able to meet so many other artists locally (and afar) and all together I'm just feel like I'm running full speed ahead.

I am making SO many things that I love and am getting my art 'out there' more than I ever have before.

AND I have super exciting news that I can't share just yet... but all together, its just been one great, sweet, creative, summer.

I have learned so much about myself and the creative process this summer.

If you are feeling creatively stuck, here's some things that helped me.

1. Do NOT stress about a creative block.
It's natural and part of the process. NO ONE is ever 'on' 100% of the time.

2. Don't stop creating.
Even if its complete yuck, there is always something to glean from mistakes. Even, dare I say - 'crafty' kid stuff can be a learning opportunity.

3. Find Inspiration.
For me it's traveling. Seeing new places, new colors, patterns and textures. Photograph what you find and save it for later. Reference it when you sit down to make.

4. Collaborate with a friend.
Meet someone new that inspires you. Most people are totally up for a coffee with another creative junky. Brainstorm or pick their brain on their dreams.

5. Stay true.
You are you. No one else can make or do what you do. Find out what you really love and go for it. To me that's color. I absolutely love bright bold colors. I never wanted to stray from that, it's just who I am!

So go get it babes. I'm off to enjoy the final days of summer.

Will share more on the EXCITING NEWS soon!


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