Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Backyard Art Party - Week One!

Ya know when you try something new and you learn A LOT about what works and what doesn't? Yeah, that happened at our first Backyard Art Party session.

 BUT it was such a great learning experience for me!

Not gonna lie, it was a little crazy having toddlers running all over my backyard, but when I received text messages and social media posts about what fun the kids had, it was worth it. I even had one mom text to tell me her daughter asked to take a nap when they got home!

#momwin right?!

If you're unsure about what our Backyard art parties entail here's a snippet of what you will find.

At first glance: Parents, toddlers and preschoolers working together - making messes and ultimately learning a lot about how things work. What they feel like, look like, smell like - even taste like in some cases! (don't worry - no one ate any paint!)

It's a pretty loose structure, but we start out together working on a project and then break into sensory stations, then we reconvene to finish our project and say our goodbyes.

For the stations and projects: your wee one will leave with a project, but its so much more than that! I set up several sensory stations for the kids to explore. Chalk fence drawing, bead soup and noodle necklaces were just a few of the options available.

Sensory projects aid in creative thinking and exploration! AND help us cool down when the weather is close to 90 degrees (sheesh!).

Our next session is scheduled for July 6th - we'll be doing some 4th of July themed projects and will have several water sensory stations to play in! Along with a new Dino Town and Car washing station too!

(a few of our beautiful wind chimes hanging in the tree)

There are still a few spots available on the following dates - come join us!
July 6th
July 20th
August 3rd
August 10th

Register here!


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