Friday, June 16, 2017

Tip Tuesday: Egg Cartons

Hey-O! Been awhile since I've written a true post around here. Summer time tends to draw me back (and gives me time!) to get back to blogging and writing again. Forgive me if this sounds a little rusty!

I've started a new series over on Instagram and will be sharing a little overlap here on the blog as well. I'm calling it Tip Tuesday!

I'll be sharing some tips and tricks of the trade - art teacherin' style. The idea came about from my desperation and wish to get more art classes on my schedule over the summer, but with a 5 year old and almost 3 month old, its just not gonna be as robust as I had hoped!

(Click on Kid Classes to see what I do have scheduled for the summer!)
Back to Tip Tuesday - I started to wonder how I could help families feel empowered about making art with kids on their own. I know not everyone feels gifted in the area of arts, but I believe that with a few tricks up your sleeve, you'll feel more confident AND comfortable with making arty messes with your family too.

For the first week's tip I'm sharing a true hard working art 'supply' that I am almost positive you've got sittin in your fridge right now. The EGG CARTON!

Here's my list of ways to use them:

1. This is my favorite one and definitely a very used tip in my art room... Fill them with paint for an easy paint tray that can be tossed when done. OR Slide it into a large or jumbo zip-lock bag and save it for your next painting session.

2. Fill with beads, buttons, sequins, paper scraps, nature findings or other tiny trinkets to keep them from rolling all over the place!

3. Cut them apart and glue them together to make sculptures (the paper ones work great!)

4. Cut them apart, paint them into anything! (the paper ones work great!)

5. Soak the paper ones in a big bucket with water. Add sequins, glitter and food coloring for a fun sensory experience.

Hop on over to Instagram to see next week's Tip Tuesday on my insta-stories!


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